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It’s PRIDE month! To celebrate the LGBTQ+ community, and also support Indie  authors, I’ve put together  a list of  books you can buy, read, and lovingly cuddle afterward.

From sweet to steamy to flaming hot… Paranormal, Sci-fi, Fantasy, Romantic Comedy, and Cyberpunk… there is something for everyone.





Abra Pressler

Aspiring chef Luciano Jilani dreams of reopening his late mother’s restaurant, but as a takeaway delivery driver, he’s barely making ends meet.

Anse Meyer is a diplomat and an abysmal cook, relying on takeaway and frozen meals as he struggles with the demands of his ‘dream job’.

When they meet via the delivery app, it’s an awkward encounter with a handsome stranger. But then it happens again. And again.


Arizona Tape

Rich people with fat wallets shimmer.

Risa has always been able to sense the presence of money and riches on her marks long before she picks their pocket. They shimmer.

Unable to explain her unique ability, it takes being collected by a group of mysterious magicians for things to start falling into place. They promise to tell her all about her powers in return for a service. To hustle the richest vampire in the city. After a rough life on the streets, she’s just the woman for the job.


Autumn Breeze

Necropolis, a city of mythical creatures, magic, and the occasional miracle, is host to a vicious power struggle between two prominent families.

The only solution is an alliance—an arranged marriage—uniting two men born to hate one another.





Jaxon Knight

There are three golden rules for new recruits at Fairyland Theme Park:

1. No breaking character, even if you’re dying of heat exhaustion
2. Always give guests the most magical time
3. No falling in love.

Nate’s only been at work one day, and he’s already broken all three.



Joanne Ganci

Falling down the Rabbit Hole changed my life…

Once upon a time I was sweet and innocent. A girl with a different name, from an altogether different world.

But that was a long time ago. So long, I barely remember who she was.

Who I was.

A lot changed when I fell into the deepest depths of the Rabbit Hole…


Jonathan Lazar

How do you navigate adulthood?

That is the question 30-something year old Jeffrey must learn in order to not get lost in the complications caused by the love he has for two men. Meanwhile an old flame shows that love is more complicated than what is seen in the movies.

Will Jeffrey manage?

Or will he be forever dreaming of the perfect lover?



Martina McAtee

Ember Denning prefers the dead. She spends her days skipping school in the cemetery and her nights working at a funeral home to avoid her alcoholic father. But that won’t be a problem anymore. He’s dead, and Ember is about to learn her life until now has just been a series of carefully crafted lies and her real life…well, it’s a lot stranger than she’d ever imagined.

Reapers, witches, shifters, and fae all converge in a town in the middle of the Florida panhandle where Ember must learn a hard to swallow, terrifying truth…



M.S. Linsenmayer

Soldier, spy, prisoner of war… retired. But a war is coming, and if she can’t stop it, she will have to steal it… Even if it costs her heart.

Major Eryma Soteira has been called a lot of things in her life, most of them rhymed with hitch. But now the world has changed, and both her enemies and her allies race after the same unearthly thing; a weapon of the gods, fallen from the stars themselves, lost in the frozen wastes of Siberia.

It was time for Eryma to be called something new:



MT Finnberg

A young queen crowned in haste, a chambermaid turned bodyguard, and a desperate run turned assassination plot…

With the kingdom under siege, Lyria and Milla make a desperate run for the kingdom’s Summer Castle.

Betrayed, they must team up with an unlikely ally, more monster than man — a dark fae military leader, Cantillion.




O.E. Tearmann

Aidan Headly never wanted to be the man giving orders. That’s fine with the Democratic State Force base he’s been assigned to command: they don’t like to take orders…

Aidan is their last chance. If he can pull off his assignment as Commander and yank his ragtag crew of dreamers and fighters together, maybe they can get back to doing what they came to do: fighting for a country worth living in.




Phoebe Alexander

As a teacher, I’m used to being on the playground. But I never thought I’d be the one swinging.

I’m also a wife and mother, always trying to keep everyone happy. My sons just left for college, forcing me to see how far apart my husband and I have grown. I feel like a damn cliché.

Then the teacher down the hall with questionable morals introduces me to her friends. They’re swingers.




VS Holmes

No one fights dirtier than an archaeologist.

Foul-mouthed Dr. Nel Bently has every archaeologist’s dream: a pristine site, new crew, and a private patron to fund her passion for dirt. With her trowel barely into the dry earth of Chile’s coast, however, Nel learns their work is being sabotaged.

The local activists Los Pobladores take issue with anyone brave or stubborn enough to set boots on their land. Nel refuses to give up the site that will make her career to vandals and looters, but she must protect both her friends and her life’s work. With a benefactor playing chess with their lives, radiocarbon dates that are downright supernatural, and angry militants who may actually have a point, Nel is ready to fight dirty.


Wendy Hewlett

Detective Constable Raven Bowen’s life seems to be falling apart around her. Her Wiccan mother, Ena Bowen, has recently passed to spirit and even though Raven hasn’t seen or spoken to her in twelve years, she feels the loss.

Then there’s her relationship with her lesbian lover, Riley Gallagher, which ended rather abruptly and Raven only has herself to blame.

When the body of a young woman is discovered with the spring thaw, Raven takes on a new case and isn’t impressed when her sergeant assigns a rookie to investigate it with her.


Zarina Macha

Anne Mason’s childhood in Richmond emulates suburban bliss, with a wealthy father and a loving mother. But behind the polished windows, Anne’s father terrorizes her mother, shattering their utopian home life with beatings and beer. Home-schooled on a diet of books and museums, knowledge becomes Anne’s only saviour…

Forced to confront her traumatic upbringing, Anne learns the horrors of the past and present. Will love, hope, and inner strength prevail?







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