Fated & Cursed Series


 “Psyche was cursed, so it was only fitting the veil of her headdress be as black as the River Styx on her wedding day. Her husband was to be a winged beast. The Oracle of Delphi had foretold it. Most convenient, then, she was appropriately dressed for what would surely also be her funeral.”

Love at first sight. Mistaken identity. Secrets, lies, and a journey into the Underworld to prove that heart and soul belong together. A retelling of one of the greatest love stories ever known.  



“Hades had grown accustomed to living in darkness. In fact, after ruling over it for so long, he preferred it, which was why he found it so curious he would be drawn to such light. That he would venture out of the shadows and into the land of the living just to catch a glimpse of it; so radiant, so warm, so bright. But here he was, yet again.”

It’s love at first sight when Hades, the king of the underworld, sees the goddess of spring Persephone frolicking in the meadow. Light quickly illuminates the dark, but the promise that brings them together is soon overshadowed by the lie that threatens to tear them apart.