Gods of Thunder MC

12 book series Available on Kindle Unlimited

He may be the king of hell, but can he take the heat of a match made in heaven?

Hades is the worst at making good choices. After running into a hot-tempered Fury he had a one-night stand with ages ago, his next decision leaves him sweating:

Be the good guy for once, take accountability for his actions, and remain in the friend zone… or act every bit the brooding bad boy the rest of the gods think he is and charm his way into being friends with benefits.

Tired of being stuck in Rage Mode, Megaera left the Underworld hell-bent on saving lives instead of destroying them. And she’s doing just that, until a bar fight brings the dark and brooding bastard who ghosted her into her emergency room.

Furies don’t forgive or forget, and Megaera’s temper flares at the sight of Hades. She quickly decides she will finally have her revenge, but when sparks fly once more, they’re both in for one helluva surprise.