Eros & Co. Series


Three lifetimes. Two hearts. One perfect stormThe god of love has one last shot to bind the hearts of two mortal enemies in book one… But how on Earth did our lovable matchmaker find himself on such an impossible deadline? 

Read the stories before the story and find out how Cupid lost his mojo in this Eros & Co. prequel novella. 

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She thinks true love is total crap. IT tech Liz Johnson hates love—until she locks eyes with the hot new marketing guy and her theory crumbles.

He thinks he’s God’s gift to women. Londoner Leo Simmons is irresistible. Or so he thought. When his new co-worker refuses to give him the time of day, he decides to melt her icy glares just to prove he can. 

Cupid thinks he just might have to kiss his wings goodbye. Little do they know their boss is actually the god of love, posing as a mortal and using every matchmaking trick in the book to turn enemies into lovers. 



A god with a complex. Apollo is cursed to chase only one woman–the water nymph Daphne. When she suddenly disappears after centuries living as a tree, more than his reputation as Mount Olympus’s revered victor is at stake.

A nymph on the run. Tired of living her best life as a tree, Daphne transforms back into a nymph and makes a break for it. After finding herself in the kitchen of down-to-earth mortal Sam Carson, she discovers she just might want to stop running after all.

What on Earth could go wrong? Unrequited love and redemption. This modern-day twist on a centuries-old myth will have you rooting for love from start to finish. 



She needs to get a life. After centuries of boredom in the Underworld, Medusa wants to live a little. There’s only one problem. She’s hideous. 

Her boss needs a favor. Medusa jumps at the chance to do his bidding in exchange for a banging mortal bod. The ancient gorgon just needs to mix a little business with pleasure before she can get to the margaritas and mayhem: Assess L.A.’s top entertainment lawyer’s questionable soul.

Will she be that monster? Will she risk Hades’ wrath to selfishly send an innocent soul to Hell so she can possess him forever? Or will she do the right thing and send the man she loves where he belongs?



She’s out for revenge. Orea is a nymph from the wrong side of the Sacred Forest, and when an angry Cupid let his leaden arrow fly, he took away her chance at love. And she’s never forgiven him.


F R E E  Eros & Co. short story. Cupid thinks he a shoe-in for the God of the Year Award… Until he goes to make his annual Valentine’s Day match and his brand new arrows, forged with extra passion for tough cases like enemies-to-lovers, are total duds. 

Will Valentine’s Day—and Cupid’s chance at winning Olympus’s most prestigious award—slip through his fingers? Or will love manage to save the day?