Valentine’s Day Anthology

Hey, hey! Guess what? Our utterly adorable cinnamon roll, Cupid, is at it again, and just in time for Valentine’s Day!

Myself and five other authors got together to bring you both sweet and sexy stories in a fun little “Valentines Gone Wrong” anthology. And boy oh boy, do things ever go sideways for our lovable matchmaker…

Worst. Valentine’s. Day. Ever.

Eros pulled back his bow, aimed, and let it rip. He straightened, ready to pat himself on the back for a perfect shot, when the tip of the arrow stopped just shy of Cecelia’s heart, the whole thing bouncing off her chest like a rubber ball. In fact, it went into reverse, making a slight arc as it sailed through the air back toward him. He reached up and caught it at the exact moment his heart took the express route to his stomach.

Six sweet and sexy stories of love lost & love found


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