THINGS are happening!

After such a long hiatus, we have a lot of catching up to do… and we will… but things are happening, people. Even in the dark, dark shadow of #cockygate… Things. Are. Happening.

Let me direct your attention to THING ONE:

A shiny, new website! It’s been updated to better reflect me as an author and the stories I write. I know there’s not much to it yet, but there will be. I hope you check back often to see what’s new. My author page and twitter look different, too.

Yay? Nay? Let me know how you like my new look.


I’m starting a newsletter!

I’ll be sending news and updates once a month, and plan on including some fun stuff like giveaways and freebies, too.

You can sign up here!


I can’t go into *too* much detail just yet, but I’ve made decisions about some… ahem… things. Sorry about the cliffhanger, but I’ve got to make sure some loose ends are tied up first. I will tell you, however, that I am very excited about thing three!

Me thinking about all the things:

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