Adventures in Queryland Day I Don’t Even Know Anymore: Create a playlist!

Have you ever found a song that so completely embodies your story it makes your heart burst (or your eyes well up or your adrenaline rush) nearly every time you listen to it? Like, you can’t even listen to it for enjoyment anymore because you’re staring off in the distance imagining all the scenes that were inspired by the words that perfectly sum up your characters and their relationship?

Yeah. For me, that song is Phillip Phillips Unpack Your Heart. I Don’t know if it will have the same emotion-inducing impact on any of you, but I went ahead and linked it below… because 1.) PPhil is adorable and 2.) It’s a great song. It’ll totally make your heart soar, trust me on this one.

I plan to have a page on my site for playlists as I create more, but for now, the one for my first book is living over on Facebook. So visit me! Like my page and listen to some of the songs that made me almost crash my vehicle several times over… Then tell me what song is the song for your book!




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