Adventures in Queryland Day 10-28: Stalk PitchMadness Feed + Upcoming Contests.

Okay, so I haven’t been stalking the #PitchMadness feed for the entire 17 days since I last fired this thing up. Only since February 24th, so like, what is that, six days now? I don’t know, I’ve lost count. I’ve been in creeper mode too long, I guess. Not full creeper mode, mind you, because I’ve been interacting and making new writer friends, but let’s be frank. A lot of that time has been spent lurking. Stalker-ish tendencies aside, it’s been really fun, actually, being part of the #PitchMadness community… but also really eye opening.

First, I’ve come to the hard reality that I’m not as funny as I think I am. I cackled out loud so many times while reading other people’s tweets, it was borderline ridiculous. There are some funny mofos out there with some serious gif skills.

Second, I’m learning what makes a good pitch and how important it is to hook your reader within the first 250 words. Yeah, you read that right. Not pages. Words.

Anyway, while I was learning/lurking, I actually broke Twitter on my phone at one point. Lucky thing I had my laptop. Because, as you may have gathered, the PitchMadness feed has been like crack to me these past few days. But, I can’t stop, and as Miley Cyrus once said, I won’t stop. Not until it’s over on March 6th. That’s when they announce who made the cut. Only 60 finalists move on to the next round. There were over 1,300 entries. Yeah.

*fingers, toes and eyes crossed*

Hold on… I’m being compelled to mention that during my time away, and before my PitchMadness addiction, I was also stricken with the worst bought of sickness I’ve experienced in years. That was three days of hell I’ll never get back–wait, I don’t want them back. Hell can have them. Why I feel the need to mention this, I don’t know. Vengeance against the gods, maybe?

Moving on, I also signed up for Rafflecopter. You know, in case I decide to hold a giveaway… like when I have an actual book. I don’t know, though, that might take a while. I hope not, but it’s probably a good thing to keep things real with my ego. I crocheted more infinity scarves than I know what to do with at this point (take that, ego), so maybe I could practice my giveaway skills with those?

And now I shall reward your patience.

Carissa Taylor has a list of Twitter pitch contests on her blog for 2017 that’s pretty comprehensive… and pretty darn awesome. If you have a finished and polished MS and are ready to query, you should check it out.

Two contests coming up fast are #SonOfAPitch on March 6th and #PitMad on March 23. If you write YA, there’s also the Red Light/Green Light Writing Contest on March 9th. Looks like they’re also going to host a CP match up later in the Spring. 

All righty then. Thanks for stopping by! See you in another 17 days.





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