Adventures in Queryland Days 7,8,9: Continue living life semi-successfully.

Well, let’s see. Where’d I leave off? I feel like so much yet nothing has happened since my last post. I guess we’ll start with Ikea.


Oh, Ikea. Is it just me or are you cursed? Because there hasn’t been one time that I’ve gone into your vast wonderland of ready-to-assemble furniture and haven’t either a.) gotten into an argument with my spouse b.) found myself back in the lighting department for the third time because I tried to cheat the system and exit without using the arrows c.) been able to stop myself from hunting down a plate of meatballs even though I think they’re kind of gross.

This time, my visit was cut short because I needed to go pick up my son from school.

I mended my sick baby bird back to relatively good health so he wouldn’t miss his basketball game. He loves his BBall. Go Jayhawks!


I squeezed in a little craft time over the weekend, too.

I’ve also been been creating backstory for the characters in my next book. The series I’m working on involves Greek gods, so using what’s online (and in the multiple books I have on Greek gods) to develop personalities for them has been super fun.

My first book centered around the God of Love, Eros, and the love of his life Psyche. Their story has it all… passion, adventure, trust issues… How could I not write about that? img_0474

Another amazing love story is Apollo and Daphne. Well, more like love-hate story. Then there is crazy Dionysus and Ariadne. Jealously-filled Hera and philandering Zeus. The list goes on.

Ugh. Even if these books never get published, I don’t think I care. I’m just so driven to write them.

Anyone else out there obsessed with writing stories about the Greek gods?



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