Adventures in Queryland Day 2: Stick to what you know.

Adventure #2 in 3… 2… 1…

I decided to buy myself something today. Pretty, right?




Very wrong. Incorrect, even.


Clearly, it was a mistake. I’m talking Vivianne from Pretty Woman goes back into the snooty designer boutique and buys out the whole damn store mistake. Big. Huge.


Look at that. It’s ten shade darker than the tube! In case you’re wondering, the name of the brand is Cherimoya and the color is Tulip… Beach Blanket Bingo is more like it if you ask me. Or Summer Glow Stick.

Also, it’s supposed to be a “liquid matte” lipstick, which apparently means you put it on with an applicator and then it drys like concrete three seconds later. I had to chisel it off. Seriously. My lips still hurt!

Why was I even buying lipstick anyway? It’s not like I even go anywhere fancy. Unless you consider Target fancy. On that note, somebody take my keys. The endless possibilities have gone to my head.

Tomorrow, I write. (But it’s the weekend, so I’ll probably just do laundry instead.)





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