Soooo, guess what?

No, not chicken butt.

My writing pal/Wonder Twin/EFF reminded me that it was Brenda Drake‘s #PitMad on Twitter December 1st. After asking her (my Wonder Twin) twenty times (consecutively) if I should twitter pitch, I went through with it.

The result? I will be sending a query letter and LOL Paranormal Romance manuscript out into the world soon. Like, in the very near future soon. Probably much sooner than my OCD would prefer, but nonetheless… SOON. Wish me luck.



I’m actually not sure what sub genre my MS best fits into yet, but it’s got gods and goddesses versus shifters and vampires. Seeing as Mythical isn’t a sub genre of Romance, I’m going with Paranormal for now. The LOL is because it’s full of humor and wit, or at least I like to think it is, anyway.

Hmmm, LOL Mythical Romance… did I just invent a new sub genre?

Probably not.



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