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Schedule of Shenanigans 

I upped my game on my Twitter profile in the hope y’all would come visit me at this here blog. As such, I figure if I’m going to promise weekly shenanigans, I should probably put my money where my mouth is and post something. “Weekly” might be a typo, though, and I may have meant to type “monthly”… possibly even “bi-annually.”

Novel Progress

I’ve been working on a Paranormal Romance for a year and a half and I think a finished first draft is finally, finally in sight. I started it in April of 2015, so I guess technically it’s only been a year and three months, but whatever, close enough. Point is, it’s been a while.

Besides a long road, it’s also been a tough one… I’ve worked as an advertising copywriter for nearly 20 years, so when I decided to write fiction I didn’t realize just how difficult it would be to switch gears.

See, in advertising the goal is to convey your message in as little words and time as possible. Total opposite of fiction. I’ll just set that right there so you can ponder for a few seconds how many times my brain wanted to implode.

On top of the brain splatters, I didn’t really have a process. I had no idea if I was a plotter or a pantser… whether I wrote linearly or jumped around… no clue about plot points, character arcs, scene structure… yeah.

This is where I tell you about Ellen Brock’s Novel Bootcamp.

Ellen Brock is running her Novel Bootcamp again from July 1 – July 29. It’s FREE and, yes, I dropped the ball with this post since July is almost over, BUT, you should go ahead and mark your calendars for next year so you don’t miss it.

NB is a series of videos on Youtube that are super informative and insightful. Also? Ellen is a freelance editor, so you know she has experience and isn’t just some rando basing her advice solely on personal opinion. Also, also? She offers free critiques on your novel opening and also has a peer critique session during bootcamp, which is a total bonus.

So, yeah, that’s my writing PSA for the day. Go check it out. And, hey, even if you missed most of NB this year, you really haven’t. I believe access to the videos are still public. Not sure for how long, though, so I’d skedaddle on over there if I were you. If you don’t have time now, no sweat, there are a bunch of great topics on her blog for you to peruse later.

And with this, I bid you adieu…





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