How much is that doggie in the mud room?

1.) I am now officially on WordPress. Yay!

2.) I haven’t written in weeks and it’s bothering me. Boo!

I’m writing a romantic comedy, which is strange in and of itself since most of the flash fiction I write is sort of dark and/or has a twist of some kind. I haven’t been able to write much for the past few weeks and it’s making me very, very anxious. I started my book last April and my goal is to finish the first draft this April. I am only a little over halfway.

*sobs, moans, stuffs an excessive amount of snacks in face*

3.) Speaking of flash fiction, one of my stories will be published online at Flash Fiction Magazine on February 16th. Double yay!

4.) I got to spend my morning with this dude.


His name is Kingston. Of course, I didn’t know that when I saw him wandering around the sub this morning while at the bus stop. I was afraid he was going to get hit, seeing as some people in our subdivision give zero f*cks when it comes to speeding. I couldn’t have that kind of guilt on my conscience, so, even though we are not pet people, I scooped him up and took him home. Luckily he had a phone number on his collar and his mom came and got him. Not before I ran to the store for a leash and 17 pounds of dog food, though. Hey, you never know when the Zombie apocalypse will hit and your only companion is a squatty little dog you found running around your sub. Always be prepared, people!

4.) Have you heard of Jenna Moreci?

I stumbled across her while searching for ways to do an outline. Something I’m finding that, for me at least, the more detail you have hammered out in the beginning, the easier it is to stay on track. I didn’t do a very detailed outline and now I’m finding the task of going back and adding more meat to the potatoes a bit of a motivational buzz kill. Anyway, here is the link to her vlog. She’s really quite entertaining. She also gives a lot of helpful advice. She could also technically be my daughter… because I am that old. That’s not depressing at all. Nope.

And that’s all I got. Until next time…

? Kerri


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