Quick post about my plan for world domination.

Just kidding. I’ve got some freelance work to do. Disclosing my plan for world domination will have to wait. I must be quick! Well, as quick as my long-winded ass can manage, anyway. I wanted to tell you what’s up with this blog… and maybe if I list out my thoughts as questions it will help keep things to a minimum? I don’t know, but let’s find out shall we?

1. How frequently are you going to get jiggy with this thing?

I’ll probably be posting either every day or every other day for a while. I’ve got another blog over on Blogger which I’ll be shutting down soon. Once I get into a groove over here, I’ll probably settle on two or three times a week.

2.  What will you be posting about?

I’m an aspiring author… and a mom, so a lot of what I’ll be posting will be about how the THE STRUGGLE IS REAL to find balance between the two.

I read a lot, and I’m always recommending books to people, so naturally, I’ll be posting BOOK REVIEWS.

I’ll also be sharing THINGS I’VE LEARNED ABOUT WRITING during this fantastical ride in the yellow submarine named S.S. Publication. For instance, why not all exposure is bad and why you should really know the difference between it and its older, meaner cousin work for exposure before getting into an argument with a professional writer and a relatively well-known author from the UK on Twitter.


I *might* also post a rant or two. And by *might* I mean *probably* and by *probably* I mean expect a few random outbursts.

3. Do you like receiving comments?

YES! I love comments. If I’m posting too much mom stuff and not enough writer stuff, let me know. Want more book reviews? Let me know! Want me to cool it on the rants? Tell me. Or if you just want to say hello, PLEASE DO. Except, I ask that everyone is respectful when commenting. Because mean people suck and we all know this by now, right? Right!

There, that wasn’t so bad was it? Now I can do my freelance work and you can figure out what you’re going to say in your first comment. Win, win!





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