Book Review: Imitation Series by Heather Hildenbrand

When it comes to the concept of clones, I just can’t resist. I totally dig the Orphan Black series on BBC. If you’re not watching it, you should start. However, do not start watching videos about Illuminati celebrity clones on Youtube. Seriously, you can get sucked down that rabbit hole for HOURS. In my case, days. I’ve had to put a self imposed ban on watching anything regarding the Illuminati or alien races walking among us because I have gotten so wrapped up that I have literally gone out to check my mailbox to see if FEMA had put a color coded sticker on it marking me for DEATH. Crazy, right? Yeah, I know, but Google it. Some people can be pretty convincing.

Anyway, when I saw the Imitation Series by Heather Hildenbrand I was all like clones? Yes, please! Because, you know they exist, right? If we can clone animals, we can clone humans OMG THERE I GO AGAIN. Sorry. Here’s my take on the first two books.

DISCLAIMER: If you plan on reading them and don’t want to know what happens, don’t go inside. I spoil the crap out of it.

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Book Review: Lucky In Love by Kristen Brockmeyer.

If you like romance, please raise your hand. I mean, who doesn’t, right? Now, a show of hands for highly likable main characters? Of course. A crazy plot line that keeps you on your toes? Yes. Fireworks in (and out of) the bedroom. Double yes. If you enjoy all those things, then you should probably read Lucky in Love by Kristen Brockmeyer.


Book cover image source: Goodreads

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All the cookies.

I have two blogs. Here and over at Blogger. Yep, I’ve got one hand in each cookie jar right now. Nope, it’s not practical and double nope to thinking I will be able to maintain both for any length of time without losing my mind. I must protect what precious little of it I have left.

So, why two blogs?


I’m trying to build a fan base with lots of hot platform on platform on social media action. No, no, I kid… but, then again, not really. Let me tell you why…

Because of course I have a LONG ANSWER.

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